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Self-actuating fire
extinguishers FINFIRE

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Fire extinguishers FINFIRE are a technological breakthrough, which in last years has quickly recommended itself as an effective product in the market of fire extinguishing device.

The device activates automatically in contact with fire and extinguishes instantly the fire.

It can be used as a primary means of extinguishing fires without human intervention: fires of solid, liquid and gaseous substances, as well as electrical equipment under voltage.

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How fire extinguishers work

Fire extinguishers FINFIRE consist of a polystyrene case with fire extinguishing powder FINNFIRE ABCE inside, was developed at the KCHZ plant "Agrochemicals".

Fire-conducting cords pass along the sides of the case, which activate the device when it comes into contact with fire.

Where they applied

Buildings, apartments

Public places

Storage and production facilities


Agricultural buildings, cottages

Oil and gas production

Cable shafts, electric stations, server rooms

Garage premises


Fire extinguisher SPHERE

It is delivered in an individual package with a universal mount.

3-10 seс

Response time


Protected volume

10 years

Minimum service life

Retail price: 2 550 rubles
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Fire extinguisher TAB

It is delivered in an individual package with attachment to a specialized double-sided tape.

3-10 seс

Response time


Protected volume

10 years

Minimum service life

Retail price: 2 350 rubles
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Made in Russia

Easy to use – does not require special skills

Maintenance free

Environmentally friendly, does not contain toxic substances

Autonomous and manual operation mode of the device

High reaction speed to the occurrence of fire and instant suppression of fire

Noise alert when triggered

Service life – 10 years

FINNFIRE on objects


Verified review
The device is well packed, delivered on time. It is convenient to install in a fire hazardous zone. I haven't used it in work yet (thank God!).
Verified review
Simplicity and convenience of use, long service life. Always on guard. A fire from a wiring short circuit was extinguished in the utility room.
Verified review
Convenient, set and forget. No flaws have been identified. I bought it to the gas boiler.
Verified review
Everything is fine, we bought it for a bath, let's see how it behaves in case of fire.
Verified review
Small, light, convenient stand-mount, service life of 10 years, not afraid of temperature fluctuations, easy to use. We didn't have a fire to check, and there is no need.
Verified review
A very interesting development. We bought a small batch for testing, now we cooperate on a constant basis, because the product is really worth it. No flaws were found.

About company

We are a Russian manufacturer of effective chemical plant protection products and liquid mineral fertilizers for the full cycle of agricultural production from the moment of seed treatment to harvest.

The company has been successfully operating on the Russian market for over 15 years and has a trading network in more than 50 regions of the country.

The company's driving force is the introduction of new technologies and innovative systems.


Building of production
of innovative fire
extinguishing powders


of innovative fire
extinguishing systems


Building of production
of innovative fire
extinguishing systems


Building of production
of innovative fire
extinguishing systems



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